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When you need a supportive, competent attorney who is unafraid to relentlessly represent your interests, you need the Law Office of Brooke Lauren Archie, PLLC. I am attorney Brooke Lauren Archie, and I have been a solo practitioner for over 10 years. My practice is the product of my extensive legal knowledge and skills: Born, raised, and educated in Metro Detroit, I am personally invested in our community. I work tirelessly to give back through numerous community-based initiatives and volunteer organizations. More than a versatile and tenacious local attorney, I am your neighbor and ally in and beyond the courtroom.

You can read more about my background here.

Brooke Lauren Archie

Meeting Your Needs With Adaptable, Aggressive Representation

As a skilled, adaptable attorney, I am prepared to assist you in legal disputes involving:

  • Estate planning and estate administration
  • Probate litigation and mediation
  • Guardianships and conservatorships

These are complex practice areas that require close attention to detail and careful evaluation of all options. I understand that this can be intimidating – especially when combative litigation is compounded by the grief, frustration and confusion of a loved one’s illness, incapacitation or death.

That’s why your well-being and satisfaction are my top priorities. I will listen to your questions and concerns, provide answers and guide you through the entirety of the legal process – even after your case is resolved. I pride myself on providing you with compassionate counsel while aggressively fighting to achieve your goals.

Contact Me For Custom Strategies

As your local attorney for over a decade, I am prepared to build a custom strategy that fits your unique legal needs. With my rich and varied experience, I know when to negotiate, when to litigate and how to move your dispute forward efficiently and effectively.

Don’t let complexity or uncertainty prevent you from taking action to assert your rights. For a free consultation, call the Law Office of Brooke Lauren Archie, PLLC at 313-662-9758 or complete my online form. We can discuss the details of your matter and examine your options.