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Experienced, Capable Estate Planning And Administration

When you consider your family’s future, you want to take clear steps to protect their financial security and ease their minds after your passing. While it is impossible to eliminate their grief, you can lessen the burden and difficulty that your loved ones may face when dealing with the responsibilities accompanying your death. Well-prepared estate plans can ensure that your assets are distributed according to your instructions and that your final wishes are adhered to, easing the stress on your family and friends.

I am ready to help you build and execute a strategy that supports your loved ones through their time of loss and provide for them fairly and efficiently.

Comprehensive Counsel For Your Estate

Estate planning attorneys are typically thought of as contract lawyers whose strength lies in their ability to draft sound documents – not in the courtroom. I am Brooke Lauren Archie, and while I excel at evaluating your goals and creating effective estate plans, I am also confident litigating to ensure these plans are followed. This pairing of careful, proactive planning with an aggressive willingness to fight for enforcement makes me a unique asset to you and your loved ones.

I can assist you in the following aspects of estate planning and administration:

  • Probate
  • Wills & trusts
  • Special needs trusts
  • Power of attorney
  • Lady bird deeds

I am also an experienced independent fiduciary, and I can serve as a fiduciary and litigate in court if need be.

I can guide you and your loved ones through the estate planning and administration process from start to finish – helping you develop a strategy, drafting the necessary documents, enforcing your wishes and litigating if necessary.

Plan For Tomorrow Today

When you have questions about the future of your assets, contact the Law Office of Brooke Lauren Archie, PLLC. I will act as a source of sensitive, stable guidance as you and your family navigate the emotional turbulence of looking ahead. You can rely on me for close, supportive counsel in times of grief and dedicated advocation in the courtroom if your wishes are contested. For a free consultation, call 313-662-9758 or complete the online contact form.