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Firm, Sympathetic Guidance In Guardianships And Conservatorships

When a loved one becomes physically or cognitively incapacitated due to age, Alzheimer’s, dementia or emergency, the emotional strain on you and your family can be significant. You want to ensure that the vulnerable individual will be protected and cared for, particularly when they are unable to support or make decisions for themselves. If you choose to take control of your loved one’s affairs through a guardianship or conservatorship, the Law Office of Brooke Lauren Archie, PLLC can provide you with guidance through this process, and I will ensure that you are acting in accordance with your legal responsibilities.

Comprehensive Counsel Throughout The Legal Process

Assuming guardianship or conservatorship for an incapacitated friend or family member may seem like a straightforward process. However, losing control of their own affairs may be intimidating, confusing or distressing for your loved one – and while you have their best interests at heart, conflicts can quickly arise as they or other parties contest your claim. When you decide to petition a court for guardianship or conservatorship, it is essential to thoroughly demonstrate the necessity of your petition, your loved one’s physical or cognitive impairment, and your fitness to become their fiduciary. I am attorney Brooke Lauren Archie, and I can help you make a robust and urgent claim that fits your unique situation and protects your loved one’s best interests.

Unlike other firms, I also recognize that filing a petition is just the first step in the guardianship or conservatorship process. After your petition is accepted by the court, I will guide you through your new fiduciary duties to ensure that your actions are legally compliant. This does more than protect your loved one’s security and assets – it can protect you from accusations of wrongdoing for the duration of your guardianship or conservatorship.

Protect Yourself And Your Loved One

Don’t attempt to file for guardianship or conservatorship without fully understanding the legal process or the full scope of your new fiduciary duties. Rely on the experienced, dedicated representation I offer at the Law Office of Brooke Lauren Archie, PLLC. I will act as your partner and guide before, during and after the court’s consideration and acceptance of your petition. To discuss your situation and evaluate your options, schedule a free consultation by calling 313-662-9758 or completing my online form.